Our Team

Stacey Todd

Professional Experience
Experience: Extensive retail and customer service experience
My Favorite …
3 Movies of All Time: Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Goonies
Holiday: Memorial Day
High School Class: Accounting
Band/Signer: Journey / 38 Special
My First …
Job: High School Store Manager
Car: 1984 Ford Tempo GL
This or That …
Cookie or Donut: Donut
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Ocean or Lake: Lake
If I Could …
Be any animal, I would be… a cat.
Live anywhere in the world, I would live… in Scotland.
Me in a Nutshell …
Zodiac Sign? Sagittarius
Married? Divorced Twice
Kids? No
Pets? Dakota, 14 Year Old Rotty/Black Lab Mix
Pet Peeve? Liars
Biggest Challenge You Have Overcome? Getting back on my feet after my last divorce
What Movie Best Describes Your Life? Determined
Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?
Doing something different than what I am used to…office work, but I love it!