Our Team

Sarah Clark

Professional Experience
Experience: Over 10 years in retail, customer service and management
My Favorite …
Hobbies: I’m kind of like an old woman, I love crafting and gardening
Childhood Memory: Going to my family’s hunting cabin in the summer
High School Class: Art class
Band/Singer: Portugal the Man
My First …
Job: Sales Associate at Pacific Sunwear
Car: VW Jetta
This or That …
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Coffee or Tea: COFFEE!
Summer or Winter: Summer
If I Could …
Be any animal, I would be… a cat — they can be calm and loving or sassy
Be invisible for one day, I would… go to Area 51 and discover alien secrets!
Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?
I have known the company for a few years now, and knew before I was hired how awesome it is. When I was hired, I was given the warmest welcoming ever! I felt part of the team right away! I love developing connections with my customers and getting to know them.