Our Team

Donna Jean Poston

Professional Experience
Experience: Medical Billing & Coding
My Favorite …
Hobbies: Cross Stitch and Crafts
Holiday: Easter
Childhood Memory: Being adopted
Band/Singer: Disturbed
My First …
Job: Waitress
Concert: Creed
This or That …
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Summer or Winter: Summer
If I Could …
Be any animal, I would be… a dog.
Be a superhero, I would be… Wonder Woman.
Me in a Nutshell …
Zodiac Sign? Aries
Married? Yes, to Robert for 16 Years
Kids? Yes – Robert, Groffrey, Emily, and Annabelle
Pets? Three Dogs – Oreo (Shihpoo), Ginger (Maltipoo), and Lady (Schnauzerpoo)
Pet Peeve? Nail Biting
Biggest Challenge You Have Overcome? Smoking
What Movie Best Describes Your Life? Annie
Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?
The teamwork!