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York County Food Bank

By Moove In Self Storage

York County Food Bank

The York County Food Bank does so much good in our community, especially this time of year. Here is a little bit more about them.

What are the two things that people love more than anything? If you said “food” and “friends”, you would be correct. At York County Food Bank, they take those two things and put them together. Since 1982, YCFB has been dedicated to providing its services all around the community, donating food to more than 2 million pounds of food to those in need annually.

They receive food donations from various manufacturers and retailers that have a surplus in orders, or imperfect packaging. All food provided to those that are hungry is edible, and safe. Other ways YCFB gains food is through food drives that are hosted by those in the community that are looking to help and make a difference. YCFB makes flyers and ads that promote the food drives, which bring in various donations made by people in the county, these bring in hundreds of canned goods and edible meals that are later distributed equally throughout the needy families in the community.

York County Food Bank also hosts events to bring awareness to the thousands of families that go hungry through lack of sufficient funds and income. These events bring together the people of the community, making them see the difference they can make by donating food and/or money. The events include anything from packaging the boxes that go out to the families, or hosting sites that inform the people of what is happening in their community.

If you want to participate or attend an event, check out the ‘News & Events’ tab on the York County Food Bank site. If you want to make a difference by donating food and being a part of YCFB, contact them at: (717) 846-6435.