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Who’s Who in Quarryville, PA

By Moove In Self Storage

quarryvillepaWhat do a member of the House of Representatives, a figure skater, a steamboat inventor and a baseball player have in common?

They all came from Quarryville, PA, where one of our Moove In Self Storage facilities is located. The last blog we focused on some famous people who called Huntingdon, PA home. Let’s jump to the well-known people who are from Quarryville, PA.

Edwin Duing Eshleman

Edwin Duing Eshleman was a former member of the United States House of Representatives who represented Pennsylvania from 1967 to 1977. He was born in Quarryville, PA and went to Franklin and Marshall College in nearby Lancaster, PA. He was a lieutenant during World War II. He taught school up until being elected. He lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir is a famous US Olympic Figure Skater who grew up in Quarryville, PA. He is proud to have won a three-time U.S. National Championship, 2008 Worlds bronze medal, a two-time Grand Prix Final bronze medal, and a 2001 World Junior Championship.

Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton was born just outside of Quarryville, PA and is credited with developing the first steamboat. He got his start with submarines and torpedoes. Napoleon Bonaparte originally commissioned him in 1800 to design the first submarine in history, called the Nautilus. He also developed some early torpedoes that the British Navy used. He then moved on to steamboats after visiting an inventor named William Henry in Lancaster, PA . They based their steamboats on an earlier steam engine in England created by James Watt.

Don Wert

Don Wert was a baseball player who grew up in the Quarryville, PA area. He attended Franklin and Marshall School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and played baseball there for the F&M “Diplomats” team. He played third base for the Detroit Tigers and he earned his nickname “Coyote.” He then moved on to playing briefly for the Washington Senators, He was proud to have been named “Tiger of the Year” and also to have been chosen for the American League All Star Team. He took home a World Series Ring in 1968. He then ended his career playing again for the Washington Senators.

Our District Manager Jason Carl is proud to have come from the Quarryville, PA area too. Maybe he will be famous someday as well!

Image Source: Town Maps USA