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Using Storage So Your “Baby” Can Have A Big Kid Room

By Moove In Self Storage

Your “baby” is not so little anymore. That means the time has come for a change in their bedroom. Where do you begin? Let’s review some helpful steps on how you can use your self storage unit so your child can move on up to a “big kid” room:

Step 1. Get a Storage Unit.

If you don’t already have one, now is the time to get one. For renovating a child’s room, you will likely only need a 5×10. But if you plan to use it for other items as well, go with the 10×10 for the extra space. You can rent a storage unit online 24/7 or stop in any of our locations and our knowledgeable property managers can help you secure the best storage unit for your needs.

Step 2. Design.

What are your child’s interests? Do they have a favorite color and/or character? Start your new design with these factors in mind as the love for a specific color tone usually lasts a long time, sometimes forever! Ask your child for their ideas. Getting their input and keeping them involved will make them really feel like a “big kid” because they can help set up their “big kid” room. They may want a princess bed or that foam floor mat like they have at preschool. Allow them to incorporate their own ideas, after all it is their room!

Step 3. Budget.

Also, you need to think about your budget. You don’t want to spend a ton when you know in five or so years your child will likely be “too old” for everything you are doing now. If you want the design to last a long time, don’t choose expensive items to match the theme. Say your big guy is now into and loves trains, you can purchase train lamps, vinyl wall art or a train track accent rug, all inexpensive, and easy to replace as he grows out of it. If you keep the walls plain, you can change the theme as they get older without needing to repaint.

Another money saver that can be considered is buying second-hand items. There are major benefits to buying good condition used bed frames and dressers. You can paint them or decorate them to fit your child’s theme, and they will be like new. Or use chalkboard or whiteboard paint, both very popular today, to paint the dresser or toy chest. You will enjoy all the creations they come up with, and they will love that they can draw, erase and draw again on the furniture as many times as they want (without getting into trouble).

Step 4. Accessorize.

You can purchase decorative knobs and handles for dressers and toy storage boxes. Your local craft store is a great location to find theme items for these like animals, boats, locomotives and more. These stores have plenty of items to fit your child’s favorite theme, and for affordable prices.

If you can get your hands on some stackable egg crates, they are perfect to spray paint and use as storage for books and games. They are also low enough to the ground that they will be accessible to your child. They also come with the added benefit that your child will learn to organize and keep their worldly possessions picked up. You can even put many toys inside egg crates, either stacked up or used like a box in the corner.

Step 5. Use Your Storage Unit.

Changing your child’s room to a “big kid” room requires some time and planning, and space! While you are purchasing and gathering the items for the transition, use your storage unit to keep everything together, out of the way and safe until the redecorating begins. Keeping it all together will make it easy to see at a glance if you have everything or if you still have items to buy.

Then, once you are ready to start painting and renovating, move all the “little kid” stuff to your storage unit so you have plenty of space to work. You can keep that crib, changing table, walkers, swings and everything else your child has grown out of until you decide to have a yard sale or have your next child. When you are all done with the work, you can bring all the new “big kid” items back from storage and get their new room all set up. Be sure to let them help decide where everything goes, keeping them involved from beginning to end.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with the whole process. It can be bittersweet that your baby is growing up so fast and you have to put away all the baby stuff. But, cherish the time spent with your child during the move to their “big kid” room, and it will be a memory that lasts forever.

If you are ready to start renovating your child’s room, or any room, in your home, rent a storage unit to gain extra space to work and organize. You won’t be sorry you did!