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Where Did the “Moo” Come from in Moove In Self Storage?

By Jess

Moove In Self Storage Logo

There is clearly a theme that’s centered around cows for Moove In Self Storage. It becomes obvious when you drive by one of our facilities and see cow spots and our cow logo on the sign. Then you stop in and notice that many of our rental offices are shaped like a barn, red roof and all. And when you walk inside our offices, you will find many cow-related items; anything from our marketing materials to a cow spotted broom, a cow clock or stuffed cow adorning the retail items. I am sure many of you have wondered to yourself, “Why all the cows?” and “Where did the Moo come from?” Some of you may have even asked the property manager out of pure curiosity.

From the time John Gilliland, President & CEO, was born until he moved away for college and began his real estate career, he did everything from raising and milking registered Holstein cows to baling hay. Not to mention the many daily chores that are necessary to keep a dairy farm running smoothly – that’s right, he grew up on a dairy farm! His parents decided to sell the last of the cows in the late 1980s, but they still reside on the family farm, Gillbrook Farms, in Warriors Mark, PA. Although no longer a dairy farm, they continue to raise big horn sheep, pigs and quarter horses, and also host weddings on the property.

After attending college, majoring in Dairy Science of all things, and working in commercial real estate in southern California, John returned to PA. After working for several local real estate companies, his entrepreneurial spirit convinced him to strike out on his own. His choice was the niche market of self storage.

Moove In Self Storage - Bald Eagle

First Moove In Self Storage built in Bald Eagle, PA

John and his family sat around the dinner table working on business plans for their new venture, and began talking about what to name the new company. John simply said, “Well, we’re moving out of the dairy business and moving into the storage business…maybe we should call it Moove In Self Storage!” And so, a name was born.

The first facility was built in Bald Eagle just outside of Tyrone, PA and opened before Christmas in 1998. Two additional facilities were then built in Huntingdon, PA. Moove In first came to Lancaster County in 2001, and to York County in 2002. We now currently operate 12 facilities in Pennsylvania with more in development.

Moove In Self Storage Prototype Office

Prototype Office for Moove In Self Storage

Naturally, with a name like “Moove In”, the dairy farm background easily fit into the new business. Our prototype storage facilities feature rental offices that bear a striking resemblance to a barn – dual pitch frame with red roofs complete with cow weather vane atop a cupola. The interior features steel sheeting counters, barn lights and cow spots throughout. Our free moving trucks are also adorned with cow spots, keeping within the theme. All of this reminds our staff of our strong farming heritage – with core values of hard work, trustworthiness, treating people right and providing a great product at a great value to our customers.

What do you think of our name and how it came to be? We love to hear from our customers, so please post your comments below! If you would like to learn more about our farming heritage or talk to one of our property managers about your self storage needs, simply contact us today.