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The Benefits Of Having An On-Site Manager

By Moove In Self Storage

Property Manager On SiteThe house is listed, the packing has begun, and you plan to rent a self storage unit next week to de-clutter for the staging. Now all you have to do is make sure you can get an appointment for your rental. Wait…what? An appointment is required? Not if you’re choosing to store with Moove In Self Storage at any of our locations! That’s right, no appointment needed. Just stop in and see one of our friendly property managers.

Each of our Lancaster, York and Baltimore facilities has a Certified Self Storage Manager available Monday through Saturday. During regular office hours, property managers are available to assist current and prospective customers with a vast array of needs and services; everything from getting unit prices, touring the property, viewing different unit sizes and types and asking any questions you may have and much more. There may also be times when you are visiting your storage unit and questions arise that you’d like addressed on the spot. With our on-site property managers, you can get the answers quickly by simply walking into the rental office! We are here for you.

And now, with our rent online options, your needs can be met simply by visiting our website to view and select available storage units in many sizes and types, complete your lease electronically and process your credit card payment. In about 10-15 minutes, from your own home, your storage unit is set and ready for you to move right in, 24/7/365. Of course, you can still pop in and visit the property manager for any questions you have after you’ve rented a unit online, or you can contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Make An AppointmentWe also understand that some of our customers may have limited time available when visiting the office – such as during your lunch break for example. We will make every effort to accommodate that need if you simply stop in to the rental office. But please keep in mind that the lunch hour can be a busy time in our offices. Many customers stop in to make payments and purchase retail items. So in circumstances such as these, it is best to contact the rental office and schedule a time to meet with the property manager. This will ensure we are ready and prepared for your arrival and can get you on your way in a timely fashion.

With the combination of our on-site property managers and our online rental services, appointments are basically a thing of the past!