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How Does a SSA Certified Manager Benefit Me?

By Moove In Self Storage

Certified Self Storage Manager Feature Image
One of our goals is to ensure that our managers are knowledgeable in everything self storage. This means they are equipped to help our customers with any question or concern that may be presented. More importantly, they will provide a solution on the spot or make every attempt to find one that is satisfactory. We highly value the Certified Self Storage Manager (CSSM) certification, so much so that we encourage all of our managers to achieve their certification.

So, you are probably asking, “What is the CSSM certification?” A Certified Self Storage Manager has successfully completed a specialized education course designed by the Self Storage Association (SSA) specifically for those working in the storage industry. CSSM’s are more than simple caretakers. A CSSM will possess knowledge in everything from daily operations to local involvement, and from customer service to legal understanding. Requirements of the CSSM designation include completion of online courses, upholding the SSA Industry Code of Ethics and remaining in good standing as a self storage manager. To maintain the CSSM designation, managers must complete continuing education credits every two years.

Dana Sinsheimer, Certified Self Storage ManagerBecoming a Certified Self Storage Manager not only empowers managers with more industry knowledge, but it demonstrates a commitment to excellence in service to their customers. A CSSM is set apart from other managers in the industry because they have taken the necessary steps to educate themselves not only to affect their professional standing, but also to provide a better overall experience to each customer.

Now, let’s talk about our managers at Moove In Self Storage. We believe it’s their responsibility to run their properties of course, but also to build relationships with their tenants and within the community…ones that are beneficial to all parties involved. To that end, we make the SSA Certified Self Storage Manager certification available to all our managers. We want to ensure the absolute best in service to our customers, and having SSA Certified Self Storage Managers plays a very important role.

Note: Currently in the United States, Moove In Self Storage managers represent 20% of all SSA Certified Self Storage Managers.

It’s no secret to anyone that self storage facilities are everywhere these days; and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere! Just take a look around next time you are driving across town, and you will probably see at least one or two facilities. According to the SSA as of the end of 2013, storage facilities in the United States made up a whopping 2.3 billion square foot of rentable space. That’s right, billion with a “B”. Like I said, they are everywhere! You should be sure to choose a facility that has a property manager on site, and one who has earned his or her CSSM certification (like our managers at Moove In Self Storage). You want someone who can provide answers and solutions that are backed up by training and expertise in the self storage industry.

Peggy Bisbey, Certified Self Storage ManagerWhether you’re a family looking for a space to store the excess in your life, a couple moving into your first home together or a military service member needing the right space to keep your things safe while you’re fulfilling your duties overseas; Moove In Self Storage’s SSA Certified Managers have the knowledge and the understanding to help you make the best decisions when it comes to storage. If you have any questions about our managers and their CSSM certification, please contact us for more information.