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Feeding the Hungry in Huntingdon, PA Area

By Moove In Self Storage

State College Food Bank
We love the State College Food Bank. They always go the extra mile to help our local area community. Here is the scoop on them:

The top priority of a food bank is to serve the hungry, but the State College’s Food Bank Mission is to provide a long-term solution to those in the State College area in Centre County. They have been providing their services since October of 1982. More than 2,000 people receive food annually now creating a happy and trusting environment to their users.

A customer exclaimed:

“Thank you Food Bank Staff and Volunteers for helping get many nutritious foods on our tables. Thank you for having the Food Bank. This helps us with eating well and with being healthy. You do a real service to us folks who are in the margin of getting enough foods on our tables. This brightens our day!

Thank you again for organizing and running the Food Bank!”

Clients come to the food bank up to eight times in a one year period. The clients receive a large supply of groceries every week that include milk, egg, bread and frozen meat. Some exchange food items in their order for other items that they may prefer. Approximately 40% of the clients are under the age of 18, so their food preferences are taken into account daily.

In order for someone to receive emergency food, they must have a referral from a social service agency or any religious congregation. The service area is all of the State College Area School District and the part of Julian with 692- phone numbers. Clients from other counties may be served once a year if there is an emergency and their food bank is closed.

If you want to participate in helping with the food bank, contact:

Food Bank of the State College Area, Inc.
276 West Hamilton Avenue
State College, PA 16801