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Benefits to Using Our Heavy Duty, Specially Treated Boxes

By Brittany Lombardo, Property Manager

There are many benefits to purchasing the specially treated, heavy duty boxes we offer for sale in our retail stores. These boxes are designed specifically for the storage industry, and will stand up to the test of time. They are crush tested, treated to prevent mildew and will not sag or droop over long periods of time inside a storage unit. Trust me when I tell you that they are far superior to standard cardboard boxes and the free boxes you get from any store.

The first thing to ask yourself when buying moving and storing boxes is, “How much do I need to pack?” Jot down on a piece of paper a quick list for each individual room of your home. Next, look around that room and at our list, and try to estimate how many boxes you will need. Think about the sizes as well. We offer small, medium, large and extra large in our standard boxes. Each one has measurements on the outside so you can easily make a close guess as to what will fit inside. If you unsure even after doing this step, you can talk with any of our helpful and knowledgeable property managers to get a better idea.

Pro Tip: We also sell bubble wrap and packing paper to better protect those easy to break items inside the boxes. You’ll want to wrap the heaviest items first with bubble wrap or packing paper and place them at the bottom of the box. Try to group similar sized items together, and be sure not to over-pack the boxes or make the too heavy. You should be able to easily close the flaps and tape shut without bulging. You should also be able to easily lift each box yourself – meaning you need to keep each box to 30 pounds or less.

Another great thing about our heavy duty boxes is the convenient check boxes and areas to write down the contents. You can check off which room the box goes into or write it out in the “other” line on the top flaps. You can also list out all the contents on the sides where there are plenty of blank lines. You can even write “FRAGILE” on the blank lines where necessary. This is extremely helpful during the move, especially when you have movers or friends and family who may be unsure where these items go once at your new place, or which items are breakable. Then, when you are unpacking in each room, you quickly know what each box holds, and can unpack in the order you want. You can also easily separate out the boxes that are going into your self storage unit and keep them separated from the boxes going to your new home.

Our boxes also have sturdy pop through handles on the sides, which make it easy for handling and picking up. As long as you stick to 30 pounds or less for the total weight of each box, these handles will not tear or rip during use. It’s surprising how beneficial good quality handles are during a move – but they are indispensable once you have experienced them!

We have a large variety of boxes, outside of the standard four sizes. Let’s review what each one works best for so you can plan what you need to purchase for your belongings.Stacked Boxes

Small boxes, also known as book boxes.
These are terrific for books, small electrical appliances, canned items or anything small and dainty. Using these for heavy items like books, small dishware and glasses is a great way to easily limit the total weight of the box. Never pack books or heavy items in large boxes or you will regret it!

Medium boxes.
These are great for pots and pans, smaller decorative items, under the sink bathroom and kitchen items, large dishes, plastic food containers and so on. These boxes are good for some of those odd shaped smaller items as well.

Large boxes.
Use these boxes for transporting lighter but large items such as blankets, quilts, pillows, lamps, vases and more.

X-Large Boxes.
Think of these boxes for your “extras”. Big and bulky items fit well. You never want to put heavy items in these, as that will make them very difficult to handle with the large size.

Wardrobe boxes.
These are perfect for big or small amounts of clothing. You’ll be able to hang your clothing on the metal bar and they won’t become wrinkled. They are tall enough to easily fit even long coats and dresses. Be sure not to pack them too full of heavy items like leather coats or they will be too hard to lift and move. After you hang all your items inside, you can fold the flaps closed and tape shut easily to protect your clothes from dirt and dust while in storage.

File boxes.
Use our file boxes for those papers or files you don’t want ruined in a move, but that you need to keep organized. Think of your old tax documents, medical records and business files. You can add hanging folders to them, regular file folders or just neatly stack the papers inside.

Dish pack box.

These are so wonderful for kitchen packing. They have available inserts to keep dishes and glasses separate so they don’t clang together during the move. Even without the inserts, they are just the perfect size for these items.

Large mirror box.

The name explains it. Mirrors and small-medium flat screen TVs fit best in these. You can even use them for framed artwork, peg boards and whiteboards as well.

As you can see, we have a large variety of available boxes. Don’t use the free boxes from the grocery store when you are planning to place the items into a self storage unit. Those boxes are designed for one-time use and will not last for long while in storage. Instead, opt for our high quality and durable boxes. They cover all of your packing, moving and storing needs, and are ready for purchase in our retail store located inside the rental office.