You Herd It Here

Announcing Our New Logo and Website!

By Jess

Some very exciting things have been going on behind the scenes at Moove In Self Storage – our new logo and website being on the top of that list!

Let’s start with our new logo.
Something that has been in the works for a while and has come to fruition this year. Seeing as how Moove In was founded by dairy farmers, of course the name and the cow theme make perfect sense. Check out our About Us page to read the whole history behind our name and company.

Moove In Self Storage LogoOur logo text was already very strong and fit our name and brand well, so we only modified it slightly. The main thing we wanted to approach was creating a more realistic cow as part of our brand. For the cow to become our brand, actually. Our cow can also be featured outside our logo as a standalone branding item, which we never had before. She will also be featured in other viewpoints, giving her dimension and life. Our goal is that when anyone sees our cow, no matter where it is or how she is presented, they will immediately think of Moove In Self Storage.

Some of you may be wondering why we wanted to “upgrade” our cow. Most people wouldn’t know the difference, but dairy cows have very specific features that distinguish them as true Holsteins – the same idea as a pure breed Siamese cat. From the shape of the head, ears and legs down to the shape, placement and number of spots on the hide, many things make a cow a Holstein. Our previous cow just didn’t make the cut, so it was time for a transformation.

Now comes our new website. In the self storage industry, many brands and websites are not very extraordinary – they all look pretty much the same with no element(s) to make them distinctive. Let’s be honest, our old website fell right into that category. It was time for us to break outside the box and create something professional yet fun and exciting. Something that doesn’t look like all the rest. A website that gives us an edge, provides helpful tips and checklists with engaging content right at your fingertips.

Moove In Self Storage TipsTips and Checklists
One thing we always want to do is provide you with useful information that will help you as you move – whether from one home to another, from your home to our storage facility, from our storage facility to your home or between your home and our storage facility. Not only do we give you great information on How to Pack, How to Move and How to Store, we now have PDFs you can download and print and refer to as you need to, making them very handy.

Our Team
We value our team a great at Moove In. Our property managers are very friendly and knowledgeable, and their number one priority is to become your new BFF! Because we value each of them so much, we added Our Team to our new website. Here you can get a glimpse into who they are and what makes them tick. Not only do you get to see what they look like and read about their experience and why they like working for Moove In, but you can find out some interesting tid bits like what their three favorite movies are and what they would do if they could be invisible for a day.

Moove In Self Storage Website Sample PageOur Locations
We also wanted to highlight each of Our 12 Locations. Now, you can find out everything you want to know about the location you are interested in – address, contact info, property manager, photos and information about the facility. You can even fill out a quick form with questions or comments and submit it directly to the property manager. We also provide the ability to reserve a unit or make a payment online directly from these pages.

That’s not all! We also cover FAQs, Self Storage Auctions, Special Deals, calculators and more. You can also sign up to be on our email list to receive our future emails and our eNewsletter. We are very excited about launching our new website and hope that you check back often for fresh content and current specials. Remember, Moove In With Us!