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Educational Videos

Are you curious what our stores look like? Would you like to tour them before stopping in? Now you can! Watch the Aerial Video Tours of our locations to get a first look. We share footage from our DJI Phantom Drone as well as ground level views so you can experience the location as if you were standing right there. The friendly and knowledgeable property manager can also give you a tour in person when you visit the store, and show you what a storage unit looks like up close.

York County Locations – Video Tours

Lancaster County Locations – Video Tours

Baltimore, MD Locations – Video Tours

The Story of Moove In Self Storage

Want to know how Moove In got started? Curious how Moove In was named and where the cow theme came from? Watch Parts 1-4 to learn the answers and see how Moove In Self Storage came to be – as told by John H. Gilliland, President & CEO.

Part I – A Little Bit About John, President & CEO

Part II – The HISTORY Of Moove In

Part III – The FUTURE Of Moove In

Part IV – Why Choose Moove In

The Story of Moove In Self Storage – Entire Video

Informational Videos

Want to know how self storage can help you? Not sure where to begin? Watch our videos and learn how to get started!

Just for Fun Videos

Our mascot loves the spotlight! Check our some of her moves when she parties with some customers.