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Pest Prevention

We take pride in maintaining a standard of excellence in all aspects of our business; even the problematic ones such as pest control and pest prevention. We keep our facilities clean, tidy and visually appealing at all times. Our hallways are regularly swept, bits of debris removed and walls wiped down. Every time a tenant vacates, the floor and walls are swept and wiped down in that unit before it is available for a new customer. As a final touch, our ... Read more

Why You Can’t Live In A Storage Unit

That's right, you cannot live in your storage unit. Temptation rules when you get down on your luck and have no place to go. You may think, “I can make my storage unit my temporary home. It's cheaper than an apartment or hotel room, right?" Well as tempting as that can be, it is against our regulations. You are not permitted to live or work out of a storage unit at any time. Even though it is against our regulations (and every other ... Read more

How to Maximize Space Efficiently in Your Storage Unit

When deciding what size storage space you need, it’s really about maximizing the potential of the storage unit you are renting. You don’t want to pay for a huge storage unit when you only need one half the size. Let’s talk about how to maximize space efficiently and safely, pack like a pro and secure the correct storage unit size for your needs. Organization is key when you are putting things in storage. While navigating through this step, keep in mind which ... Read more

We Help Make Downsizing Almost Effortless

Deciding to transition (downsize) into a smaller home or apartment can provide a less stressful and more affordable lifestyle. We downsize for all sorts of reasons; empty nesting, divorce, retirement, medical reasons, age…the list goes on and on. But, getting rid of all that extra stuff to move into a smaller space is not an easy task. That’s where self storage can be a huge benefit. Rather than trying to decide what you want to keep, what should be donated and what ... Read more

Oh No, I Forgot To Make My Payment!

You are using a self storage unit to keep all your extra stuff organized and out of your house. You don’t visit it that often, typically just a few times a year, and sometimes you even forget you have it! So it’s not that big of a shocker when you realize you forgot to make your payment this month. In the rush, rush, rush days we now live in, things like this can easily slip your mind and get missed. Just ... Read more

How to Store Kids’ Artwork and Other Sensitive Items

As parents we love to hold onto our child’s artwork from school, stories they write and awards they win, but we don't always know how to store kids' artwork. And you know how it goes; as the school years go on and we collect more and more artwork, we start to run out of space to keep it all. But we don’t want to part with it either. Great news! You don’t have to keep them in your home anymore and you ... Read more

Reclaim Your Closet – Storing Clothes

It's time to reclaim your closet using self storage! Whether Spring has sprung or Fall is approaching, most women swap the clothes in their wardrobe for the next season. Instead of digging past all those totes or boxes you have piled high with other odd things that we shove in the closet, reclaim it! Stop filling your closets so full that you really can’t use them and your clothes are getting wrinkled and damaged. Consider storing clothes in a self storage ... Read more

Maintaining Your Storage Unit – Short and Long-Term Storage

When using a self storage unit, there are generally two types of renters: short-term, which is storing for 3 months or less; and long-term storage, which is storing for longer than 3 months. Regardless of whether you use a storage unit for 2 months or 2 years (or longer), there are some steps you should take for maintaining your storage unit to keep your valuables safe. Long-Term Storage If you are a long-term storage user, it is crucial to protect your items for future use ... Read more

Storage Tips: Items You Shouldn’t Store In Your Storage Unit

Storage Tips: Prohibited Items While considering what you want to keep in your storage unit, make a list of the items you plan to store. You should keep a copy of that list for yourself. Doing so, greatly improves the organization of your storage unit and allows for much faster retrieval of the “one thing” you need. At Moove In Self Storage, our rental agreement states that you will abide by the rules and regulations, including not storing certain types of items. This ... Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Watercraft and Boat Storage

When summer or early fall comes to an end, it’s time to take your boat, jet skis and other watercraft out of the water and prepare them for winter storage. I know, I know – the thought of storing your boat or watercraft makes you want to throw a tantrum and complain that Summer is never long enough and you just aren’t ready to put them away yet. Trust me, we understand! However, we all know this is the reality of living ... Read more
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