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Death and Storage: Dealing with an Estate After Death

One of the greatest difficulties you will ever endure is the death of a loved one. Whether it’s a child, spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent or close friend, all are a very traumatic experience. It’s hard enough to face the sad fact that someone you love and care about is gone, but dealing with an estate after death can be extremely hard and stressful. Part of the physical grieving process is dealing with the belongings of a loved one. And, it can be very ... Read more

Featured Business: RLK Security

Moove In Self Storage in Baltimore is excited to partner with RLK Security. They are located at 227 Main Street in Historic Reisterstown, and they proudly offer a one-stop shop for all your security needs. RLK Security is a full service locksmith in addition to the security services they provide, and they are fully licensed and insured in the state of Maryland. They offer many locksmith services that can be performed while you wait, or you can drop off the work and pick ... Read more

Best Practices When Storing Collectibles and Heirlooms

There are many aspects to take into consideration and put into practice when storing collectibles and heirlooms into storage. These practices become exceptionally vital when preserving the quality of collectibles and family heirlooms. We provide some tips and things to keep in mind so you can keep your valuables in good shape and free of damage while using self storage. The three biggest variables to factor in when storing collectibles, heirlooms and antiques are light, temperature and humidity. When not taken into consideration, ... Read more

Featured Business: Bobcat Creamery

Brian and Wendy Klinger, owners of Bobcat Creamery located on Main Street in Manchester, PA, have a passion for developing future business leaders through Northeastern High School. They do this by providing collaborative, hands-on business experience that is informative, educational and inspirational. When you support Bobcat Creamery, you’re not only supporting a locally owned business and helping to invest in the future leaders of business, but you also become the reason they can give a portion of their profits to the ... Read more

Moving Truck Tips – Part 2: Pack a Moving Truck Like It Matters

In Part 1 earlier this month, we reviewed how to choose the right size moving truck. Now we are going to discuss how to pack a moving truck like it matters – maximizing your space and reducing the risk of damage during the move. Rental trucks used for moving are designed to hold a certain amount of items, typically measured in cubic feet. For instance, there are 16-cubic-foot trucks, 24-cubic-foot trucks and other sizes both smaller and larger. But, the capacity of the ... Read more

Featured Business: The Pizza Box & Hoagie Shop

The Pizza Box & Hoagie Shop has been serving the Manchester, PA area since 2004. Located at 4328 North George Street Extension, and now with a second location in Dover at 21 North Main Street, they offer dine in and delivery for your convenience. They have homemade rolls every day, daily specials, party discounts are available and they have the latest technology of a mobile app! Download it to your smart phone today – simply search for The Pizza Box & ... Read more

Moving Truck Tips – Part 1: Choosing the Right Size Moving Truck

Have you ever heard of the old adage, “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach?” Well, the same thing applies to moving your belongings. Your items often look like they will surely fit in the moving truck easily; but once you start loading it, you may discover that it’s not all going to fit. This is why it’s so important to know how much room (or cubic footage) you are going to need, before you rent a moving truck based solely on ... Read more

Featured Business: Tacuma’s Moving, Hauling & Trash Removal

Moove In Self Storage in Baltimore has partnered with Tacuma’s for the past year. The services they provide are often needed by people who use self storage. After using storage for a period of time, there are many reasons why you may need Tacuma’s services: You have decided to downsize to a smaller storage unit and there are items you really don’t want anymore. If you are going from a 10x20 to a 10x10, there is no way it’s all going ... Read more

Organizing Storage for Small Businesses: Files and Inventory

When running a small business, the sheer amounts of paperwork you must keep and maintain can seem daunting. Not to mention those files can easily take up a lot of space that you probably don’t have. This also holds true for product inventory. Many times the office or building you rent or own for your business is just not large enough to house all those old files and excess inventory on a daily basis. You need that valuable space for your ... Read more

Featured Non-Profit: Solanco Cheerleading Association

At Moove In Self Storage, we love helping support community programs and activities. For several years now we have been working very closely the Solanco Cheerleading Association. Not only do we sponsor some of their events, but they are also a tenant at our Quarryville location. And, for the past several years we have provided them with space for their annual registration and uniform pick-up at our Quarryville store. The Cheerleading Association is actually just a part of the larger Solanco Sports ... Read more
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