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Community Day a Success in Manheim!

This past weekend, Moove In Self Storage got the chance to participate in Pleasant View Retirement Community annual Community Day celebration! They were also celebrating their 60th anniversary. The day was full of many fun events for the residents, their families and the entire Manheim community. There were so many fun things going on throughout the day, it was hard to choose what to do. Everything from face painting, dunk tanks and mini horses, to photo booths, kid’s obstacle course and more! The kids ... Read more

Remodeling? We Have The Space You Need!

Your wife looks at you lovingly and says she wants to remodel the kitchen, and she wants to get started next week! You grumble a bit and think of all the work you will need to do, but deep down you know the end result will be well worth it. Then it hits you, where are you going to put all that stuff? You need to empty out the room before you can get started and there is no way you ... Read more

I Lost My Keys To My Lock! What Can I Do?

The weather has finally changed into that springtime loveliness we all know, with summer right around the corner. You’ve been busy breaking out the lawn furniture, the gardening and yard tools, and all the pool stuff that you packed away in your storage unit for the long, cold winter. And, you are happily moving all that winter stuff – like the snow-blower, shovels and sleds – back into your storage unit. But what if when you go to open your unit, ... Read more

Storing Musical Instruments and Sensitive Electronics

As a musician, your instruments are how you speak to the world. They are valuable to you and many of them can be quite costly to purchase or to repair. Of course, when keeping them in storage you want to protect them as best you can. When storing musical instruments need to be stored correctly to keep them in tip-top shape and working like they did the day you brought them to storage. The most important thing is the temperature where you are ... Read more

New In Our World of Storage: New Properties, New Projects, New Managers!

As all things change, self storage is no exception; and it only gets better as we continuously discover new and innovative ways to meet the needs of each and every one of our loyal customers. Throughout our company and at several of our properties, many new changes have already come with still more exciting ones on the horizon for 2015 and beyond. Take a look at some of our exciting projects that have been completed and ones that are underway for this ... Read more

I Moved Out But Forgot To Remove My Lock!

Everyone can be a little forgetful from time to time, especially during the moving process. Think about it, you have ten zillion things on your mind and some of the less important ones seem to just vanish from memory in the hustle and bustle of the move. You visited your storage unit at least 20 times over the last several months while you staged your home, sold your home and then purchased your new home. You visited so much that it becomes ... Read more

Tips On Keeping Bugs and Rodents Out of Your Storage Unit

Spiders and bugs and mice…oh my! Nobody likes these unwelcome visitors in their home. The same goes for your storage unit. Keeping them out of your home is pretty easy; you can have the exterminator come on a regular schedule, you can put traps out and even get a pet cat or two to do some hunting for you. But, you are probably wondering how you can keep the out of your storage unit. You certainly can’t keep a cat in ... Read more

Upcycle: Create Something Awesome from “That Stuff” in Your Storage Unit

Instead of letting these “worldly possessions” collect dust and clutter your storage unit, why not get creative? How about turning them into something useful? Something that now has even greater sentimental value because you brought it back to life. Get creative, get your artistic juices flowing and upcycle! Upcycle a chair. You know that old wooden spindle chair with the ugly brown stain? Make it ugly no more! Use some paint thinner, a rag to remove the stain and a can of ... Read more

“Make Your Next Move” Seminar at Pleasant View Retirement Community

On April 8, Moove In Self Storage had the opportunity to speak at the “Make Your Next Move” seminar series at Pleasant View Retirement Community. I, Rachel Bechard, property manager at our Manheim location, provided some tips and tricks to get ready for a big move as well as some things to keep in mind when downsizing. I have presented this class previously for Pleasant View, and it was a hit then as well! So, I was happy to go back ... Read more

Packing Paper – It’s for More than Just Packing!

Ah, home sweet home. The movers have gone, the kids’ beds are put together, the dishes are all stacked in the cupboards and fresh towels are hanging in the bathroom. All that’s left to do is throw away all that packing paper piled up in the corner from all those boxes…oh, the many, many boxes. Or, maybe not! There are plenty of ways to reuse, recycle or re-purpose that packing paper and clean newsprint. Grab one of those leftover boxes, then grab ... Read more
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